Express Roadways - Our history

our history

In today’s day to day life we all enjoy good highways, bridges, flyovers or other infrastructural developments and technological advancements, which make our lives easier and enable us to connect with different parts of the world. Transportation plays silent but significant role to make it possible.

One cannot imagine living without transportation; even an access to basic commodity like milk and vegetable would become a nightmare and infrastructure facilities a distant dream. Timely production & distribution is possible only with accurate transport & logistic service.

When it comes to transportation and services, Express Roadways Pvt. Ltd. plays a significant role. In the service oriented business, communication has to be precise and perfect. From the time of submitting the quotation to the final delivery, we are in constant touch with our consignment – helping us in explaining the exact situation to our customers.

  • 1993 Became a part of the Indian Transportation Network

    Express Roadways Pvt. Ltd. was formed in the year 1993, the reason being so was that the promoters of the company who were scattered in different parts in India and in different companies came together and realized the need for a transport company which can reach to the nucleus of this service industry and try to satisfy customers with desired services who were already reeling under poor services and limited infrastructure facilities resulting in poor planning and large inventories

  • 2000 Started Containerized Solutions for Transportation

    We were looking for new ideas on how to differentiate our services from our competitors at that point of time. We realized that there were very few players in this sector. It was an overnight decision. In the very next we decided and finalized our decision. It was one of the decisions which led to our growth and helped us reach where we are today.

  • 2005 Ventured into Warehousing operations

    One Day in the month of March, a multinational company approached us with the opportunity of providing them Warehousing across India. We had a very small warehousing segment prior to that. We took up that challenge and succeeded in providing the client with the best service levels. Today we have our warehousing facility, expanding to 200000 sqft surface area.

  • 2007 First 3 PL contract signed in this year

    It was a new challenge which came across us. But it was also a good opportunity to enter into this business venture and enhance our market reach. It helped us get access to many Multinational clients.

  • 2008 Started custom based logistics solutions for our Esteemed Clients

    By this time we had established Trucking as a separate Business Vertical. We had increased our focus based on custom solutions for clients. It meant huge investments in working on designs/ adding special trucks to company fleet as per customer requirement. Our only aim was to provide Value Added Services to our clients.

  • 2010 Company owned fleet reached a size of 100

    For a company like ours, It was a great achievement in terms of Milestone. It gave us additional support and helped us create a Brand.

  • 2014 We touched the fleet size of 500

    We were growing exponentially. We made huge investments in the past 4 years to develop and reach a fleet size of 500 vehicles. Each and every member played an important role in the development of this organization.

  • 2015 Company fleet plying Pan India

    In 2015, we had our network established Pan India. We started covering all the parts of India through our wide network. Now we have the ability and capability to deliver goods to any given location Pan India.

  • 2018 We aim to achieve revenue of 500 Million with a fleet size of over 1000 vehicles

    We have a vision for the year 2018 – Our aims are clear, our thoughts are clear. We have the team strength and dedication to achieve it. We want to achieve this with the holistic development of all involved in this organization.